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Chase x Xena litter, Puppy Data sheet
Birth Weight

week 1

week 2

week 3

week 4
week 5
Congratulations Jess
M .75 lb Puppies begin
at three days
1.6 lb Eyes opening.  Beginning to stand and walk.  First toe nail trimming 2.4 lbs Eye develop further.  Walking.  Beginning to play and more vocalization.
Human socialization increases.
3.75 lbsWalking, playing,
interacting with children.
4.5 lbs5.75 lbs
"Rosa"Parks, Mother of the modern day civil rights movement.

Red Collar

F .75 lb 1.5 lb 2.25 lbs 3.5 lbs4.25 lbs5.75 lbs
i"Harriet" Tubman, led 300 slaves to freedom.

Yellow Collar
F .60 lb 1.25 lb 2 lbs 3 lbs3.75 lbs4.75 lbs
Congratulations Donna and Chris
Bessie F .80 lbs 1.6 lb 2.75 lbs 3.75 lbs4.75 lbs6.25 lbs
Mammy "Kate", smuggled a Confederate General to safety and named as Patriot by the State of Georgia.

Orange Collar
Kate F .6 lbs 1.3 lb 2.4 lbs 3.25 lbs4.25 lbs5.5 lbs
Congratulation Nate, Lynyrd will be remaining here in PA as part ot the Rumbling Run family.
Hamilton M .75 lbs 1.75 lb 2.5 lbs
4 lbs4.9 lbs6.2 lbs
Congratulation Lisa and Thomas
Molly F .75 lbs 1.6 lb 2.5 lbs 3.25 lbs4.1 lbs5.5 lbs
"Beulah" Congratulations Matt and Mary Ellen, NY

F .60 lbs 1.5 lb 2.5 lbs 3.25 lbs4.2 lbs5.5 lbs
"Betsy" Ross, stitched the first American Flag.

Orange Collar
Betsy F .60 lbs 1.4 lb 2.1 lbs 3.25 lbs4 lbs5.5 lbs
Reba Rose
Congratulations Dave and Sharon, NY
Martha F .50 lbs 1.2 lb 2 lbs 3 lbs3.75 lbs5 lbs
Xena and litter   Wheel